First International Workshop on Modeling INTEPERsonal SynchrONy



NEW! Prof. Andrew Meltzoff keynote speaker at INTERPERSONAL@ICMI

Understanding human behavior through computer vision and signal processing has become of major interest with the emergence of social signal processing and affective computing andtheir applications to human-computer interaction. With few exceptions, research has focusedon detection of individual persons, their nonverbal behavior in the context of emotion and related psychosocial constructs. With advances in methodology, there is increasing interest inadvancing beyond the individual to social interaction of multiple individuals. This level of analysis brings to the fore detection and understanding of interpersonal influence and interpersonal synchrony in social interaction.

Interpersonal synchrony in social interaction between interactive partners is the dynamic andreciprocal adaptation of their verbal and nonverbal behaviors. It affords both a novel domain for computer vision and machine learning, as well as a novel context with which to examine individual variation in cognitive, physiological, and neural processes in the interacting members. Interdisciplinary approaches to interpersonal synchrony are encouraged. Investigating these complex phenomena has both theoretical and practical applications.

The proposed workshop will explore the challenges of modeling, recognition, and synthesis of influence and interpersonal synchrony. It will address theory, computational models, and algorithms for the automatic analysis and synthesis of influence and interpersonal synchrony. We wish to explore both influence and interpersonal synchrony in human-human and human-machine interaction in dyadic and multi-person scenarios. Expected topics include definition of different categories of interpersonal synchrony and influence, multimodal corpora annotation of interpersonal influence, dynamics of relevant behavioral patterns, and synthesis and recognition of verbal and nonverbal patterns of interpersonal synchrony and influence.The INTERPERSONAL workshop will afford opportunity for discussing new applications such as clinical assessment, consumer behavior analysis, and design of socially aware interfaces.

The INTERPERSONAL workshop will identify and promote research challenges relevant tothis exciting topic of synchrony.

This workshop is partially supported by the Laboratory of Excellence SMART (